functest.opnfv_tests.openstack.vmtp.vmtp module

VMTP is a small python application that will automatically perform ping connectivity, round trip time measurement (latency) and TCP/UDP throughput measurement for the following East/West flows on any OpenStack deployment:

  • VM to VM same network (private fixed IP, flow #1)
  • VM to VM different network using fixed IP (same as intra-tenant L3 fixed IP, flow #2)
  • VM to VM different network using floating IP and NAT (same as floating IP inter-tenant L3, flow #3)
class functest.opnfv_tests.openstack.vmtp.vmtp.Vmtp(**kwargs)

Bases: functest.core.singlevm.VmReady2

Class to run Vmtp as an OPNFV Functest testcase


Check the requirements of the test case.

It can be overriden on purpose.


Clean the resources.

It can be overriden if resources must be deleted after running the test case.


Create router

It creates a router which gateway is the external network detected.

Raises: expection on error

create_server_timeout = 300
filename = '/home/opnfv/functest/images/ubuntu-14.04-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img'
flavor_disk = 0
flavor_ram = 2048
flavor_vcpus = 1

Generate Keys

Raises: Exception on error


Boot the new VM

Here are the main actions: - publish the image - create the flavor

Returns: - TestCase.EX_OK - TestCase.EX_RUN_ERROR on error


Run Vmtp and generate charts

Raises: Exception on error


Write vmtp.conf

Raises: Exception on error