functest.opnfv_tests.openstack.shaker.shaker module

Shaker wraps around popular system network testing tools like iperf, iperf3 and netperf (with help of flent). Shaker is able to deploy OpenStack instances and networks in different topologies. Shaker scenario specifies the deployment and list of tests to execute.

class functest.opnfv_tests.openstack.shaker.shaker.Shaker(**kwargs)

Bases: functest.core.singlevm.SingleVm2

Run shaker full+perf l2 and l3

check_console_loop = 12

Check the requirements of the test case.

It can be overriden on purpose.


Clean the resources.

It can be overriden if resources must be deleted after running the test case.

create_server_timeout = 300
  • 0 if success
  • 1 on operation error
filename = '/home/opnfv/functest/images/shaker-image-1.3.0+stretch.qcow2'
flavor_disk = 3
flavor_ram = 512
flavor_vcpus = 1
port = 9000

Create the security group and the keypair

It can be overriden to set other rules according to the services running in the VM

Raises: Exception on error

quota_cores = -1
quota_instances = -1
shaker_timeout = '3600'
ssh_connect_loops = 12
username = 'debian'